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    Devil May Cry - A Commentary On The Series

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    Devil May Cry - A Commentary On The Series

    Post by tanis1lionheart on 9/12/2009, 10:21 pm

    DMC 1 is pretty much a PS2 classic...that’s it, it’s just a solid game.

    DMC 2 I felt was fun, but without cheating and making the devil trigger
    longer (I mean even max on easy shit was short) it was kind of
    annoying. Never mind the worthless second disk and piss poor easiness
    of the boss fights. I did like the tower - beat it level by
    level...nearly killed my PS2 and social life.

    DMC 3 (Special Edition or Regular) is again, a great fucking game. I’d
    say even better than 1. The moves, the graphics, the extras, the style,
    the story, the music. It was all great. My biggest issue was I think
    there could have been on more fighting style, and for me that guard
    thing was crap, I forced myself to use it.

    DMC 4 is one of those weird game where it felt like there was nothing
    about it that sent me one way or another. Graphically it’s pretty
    decent, the story is passable, the music feels recycled (which isn’t
    really a bad thing), the combat is solid, and the style was ok. The
    whole Nero thing is kind of "meh" to me, he wasn’t Dante, but he was
    solid. My biggest issue with this game was the laziness of Dante’s
    levels and what felt like "Madden" syndrome.

    DMC Anime was like DMC4; mediocre, worth the rental...that’s it. I’ve
    seen far better, I’ve seen far worse. If I could find all the episodes
    for 20 bucks, eh...maybe.

    DMC Comics again, kind of mediocre, some decent humor and art, but not worth the purchase, the read...but not the money.

    As for my list for the games:
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    Re: Devil May Cry - A Commentary On The Series

    Post by Almael on 9/13/2009, 2:48 pm

    The DMC series is bleh. My opinion only!

    Like modern games there is really no challenge to these games. I could fight it all day without much of a scratch and I my reaction time is worst than my ten year younger nephew.
    I still can show the young ones a few tricks, which says much about todays easy games.

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