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    FF7: A Controlled Rant

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    FF7: A Controlled Rant

    Post by tanis1lionheart on 9/12/2009, 10:22 pm

    Complex? How so, let’s forget all the side crap and go with just the original game.

    Cloud - Emo kid with a big sword who never really develops until the worthless nun gets stabbed in the back, but even after that all he does is piss and moan about it.

    Tifa - Bar slut that goes around trying to protect Cloud in what can only be called an emotionally abusive relationship.

    Barret - A walking stereotype of black people who’s only good part his taking care of a kid that isn't is.

    Aeris - Crazy hippy chick mixed alien (or w/e) that gets, and?

    Cat Sith - A robot controlled by a pissed off employee.

    Vincet - Goth vampire who you don't even need for the main game.

    Red 13 - A talking puppy with a stone daddy and some emotional issues.

    Yuffie - Again, don't even need her for the main story/game. Thief...and, um...thief?

    Cid - Mean old man who builds a ship and doesn't know how to go more than three minutes w/o saying an obscenity.

    Jeneva - Alien thing that for some unknown reason enjoy destroy the world.

    Sephiroth - Mama's boy who gets all PMSing and goes around killing people at random to destroy the world (and fails).

    Maybe the first 'complex' for the PS1, but that's like saying FF1 had an AMAZING storyline on the NES.

    It's BS, and unlike FF1 which was the first true JRPG, FF7 had lots of time to come up with something deeper than some Fox Kids cartoon. Let’s go town to town trying to find that dude who is kind of mean and stuff.

    GO GO POWER RAN...G...ER...s. O, crap...sorry, we ran out of time for the script.

    That's because it was dumbed down, Sephiroth is one of the WEAKEST villains in the RPG world. He's a little bitch to beat, and the battle system is so broken you can just spam with
    'Knights of the Round' and 'Mimic' and it'll be over without anything else.

    But, the side quest didn't do jack for the story. Hell, the only 'side-quest' I ever cared about was the Chocobo Breeding (it's redneck fun!) and the Mountain Defense (better than most of the game). The Weapons were, as a whole, easy to beat. And the other side-quest did
    NOTHING to bring you into the world.

    And, AGAIN, the battle system was broken and worthless. Every characters was the same minus their limit' LAME.

    Shenanigans. Yes, it did bring the RPG into the mainstream, and truth be told I'll give it that because without dumbing down the formula and appealing to the stupidest of the gaming world, good games like Persona 3: FES may have never come out to show what a real RPG can do.

    Best Villain:
    So, someone being paid by a gaming company to write a review/article makes it good? How many times were you dropped on the head as a kid?
    Good review/sales don’t mean the game is good. Look at any sports game or pop CD.

    And you know what it is that really gets my goat, you are a sheep, and if I may go so far as to say, a traitor to gaming. By listening ONLY to what the industry tells you and not formulating your own views you are the reason why more crap games are made than good ones.

    Sephiroth was not a good villain. He was a bushi-sexually confused emo kid with mother issues who swung a huge sword around. He failed as a villain and as an antagonist.
    Kefka - Crazy mo-fo destroys the world half way through the game. Killing millions and at the end puts on one hell of a fight. Yeah…

    It had more positional the FF7 ever had. The JS system would have been one of the best ever, but it was rushed like FF2. The story was over 3 generations with an underlying theme of love, lost, and living no matter what.
    The characters each had personalities that while, at time, seemed shallow or on the stereotypical, in the end could have been turned really human for the player.

    The music was, and still is, amazing. 'Eyes On Me' alone beats ANYTHING out of the PS1 era RPG music, and I'd say, is still the best song on any Final Fantasy OST.

    Again, while it did have its flaws, unlike FF7, it had the potential to reach great heights.

    In the end, it doesn't really matter what I say, you'll call me some anti-anime jerk-off, read 'Game Informer' to comfort yourself and buy whatever trash SE decides to produces next because some reviews says it's good.
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    Re: FF7: A Controlled Rant

    Post by Almael on 9/13/2009, 2:40 pm

    So long, sorry, but i can't reply to all.

    Now to my quick review.
    FF7 came out at a time where your only other choices where Zelda, Tales ..., breath of ire, FE,
    and the game graphics where on the pixelated level of comanche 1. Only Novalogic had any decent 3D engine with their (?).
    Except wingcommander 2? it was the only one with more interactivity with generated scenes.
    Yes, the charcter leveling is all the same as any other game, so are the enemies.
    Sephiroth was the first villain that had as much background story as the main character.
    FF7 was not quit the first with chocobo game but it was the one with the most intensive and complex.
    Red13 is a cat.
    Tifa was among the first important female main character, but I admit she doesn't beat the girls from FF3,FF4,FF6.
    Aeris, yes, wow, that's why all the outcry over her death.
    As to any other character, the team is the typical worldwide successful mix introduced by the Record of Lodoss War novels and in a far fetch relation to Lord of the Rings.

    Well the story isn't as complex, nor was the game itself, The character backgrounds are not as numerous nor was the main villain interesting. It can be done withing two days. The choices for sidestories where much less.

    Edit: I forgot to add that Vincent is a secret character, so any complains are void. When you play the first time it's unlikely to have him. If you play fast then Sephiroth is strong but if you loiter for the chocobo game then you gain so many levels that he will be weak.

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