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    The Waltz (Three Stages) (BY: Tanis/Morris)

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    The Waltz (Three Stages) (BY: Tanis/Morris)

    Post by tanis1lionheart on 9/12/2009, 10:47 pm

    Three stages are the foundation of humanities civilization,
    3 steps that shape the world around you and me,
    III parts of the never-ending game our civilizations have always played.

    The order of what came first matters not,
    Those who dwell on this try to hide this shame we got.
    Whatever started first will not determine its end,
    For it is up to us to determine if we wish to ascend.

    The War is first to me,
    Humanity creates strife for dreams and greed.
    Are reasons to wage battles against each other are nothing sort of treason,
    Humanity commits careless destruction and needless death with no justifiable reason.

    The second is the Peace in-between,
    It is there to allow the rise of the New for the Old to see.
    A time when humans realize that love can over come,
    It is then that we determine that the former war was horrid and gruesome.

    The third is the revolution for humanity,
    When the strong and the meek become allied-enemies.
    The Old and stale is brought down by the New and youthful,
    Children are brainwashed and sent by both sides to die in battle.

    We allow this to go on and on,
    We sing the songs like a mass of drunken morons.
    For in our hearts we are scared of change,
    Humanities’ path we continue to keep estranged.

    So we give the waltz to our children, who want it not,
    But why should we care what we’ve wrought?
    The Endless Waltz continues on and on,
    The War, The Peace, The Revolution!

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    Re: The Waltz (Three Stages) (BY: Tanis/Morris)

    Post by AlexT on 9/21/2009, 8:29 am

    Sounds nice!

    Sadly - it is because of war something grow in times of peace in between. And almost no war happen for no reason.
    War IS the change, the older way of accelerating changes at least. It is always there - ready to cure us in case we degrade, become lazy and get stuck in old ways. Though humanity build a new, much more humane way to wage wars without loosing large portion of population - politics, economy, culture etc.
    Ancient ones would actualy call this time we live in truly peaceful and safe so we should be happy. Very Happy

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