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    Paypal's started a fire in their own backyard.


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    Paypal's started a fire in their own backyard.

    Post by JGZinv on 12/3/2009, 5:01 pm

    I never knew about this until I ended up hitting it myself, so here goes.

    You can follow the approx' 200 threads of irate users at the Paypal community here:

    or my short version is thus:

    If you're under 100 qty feedback, and/or 100% positive, along with other rules, Paypal can halt incoming payments to you until such time as the buyer leaves positive feedback or you can prove the item arrived.

    Here's PP's page on the matter:

    While that sounds all well and good, first off their rules don't seem to apply across the board, as powersellers and the like with 100% positive feedback are getting pending notices as well. It's not isolated.

    So what is the big deal about?

    Well if you can't get your funds, and you don't want to use (or in many cases don't have the extra $$$ around) your own money to ship the item, you have to wait the 21 days to get any funds. Several users are finding that even after the item has arrived, they've had to call Paypal and take it up with Cust' Support and prove the item was received by way of delivery confirmation. In addition to this, if you choose to ship before payment clears, the buyer can
    lodge a dispute and Paypal auto-refunds the amount. So the seller is once again stuck, and someone made off with your package.

    From the buyer's perspective, if you leave feedback ahead of time, that doesn't help if you need to leave a claim due to a problem with the item or otherwise, because you have to leave positive feedback to allow the seller to receive your funds in some kind of timely manner.

    In the meantime, Paypal already took it's fees out of the total and you're hanging in limbo.

    I'm not usually one to make a stink about something, but you sure need to be aware of this if you've got money, emotions, or valuables, riding on a transaction clearing in a timely manner.

    So I dunno, discuss, be informed... suggest alternatives to use.

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    Re: Paypal's started a fire in their own backyard.

    Post by Almael on 12/3/2009, 6:45 pm

    Tsk, so basicly they store 'your' money and get interest in the meantime before ever giving it back.
    Pretty much similar to all the refund schemes. You pay and may never see any refunds returned.
    I guess this hits hard on normal people rather than business people.

    Since, all the controls and ways to use are determined by banks, there is no way to avoid any of these kind of schemes except using cash. And that's about it: either cash or conced free reign to them via electronics.

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    Re: Paypal's started a fire in their own backyard.

    Post by AlexT on 12/4/2009, 4:09 pm

    If you do use bank's own stuff you usualy have no such problems, it's all about these "3d party" pay systems like PayPal or WebMoney..
    I never had any real need in PayPal, WebMoney or such (except for paying for MMO accounts maybe but they are much more eager to accept visa or mastercard anyway) but i see people using banks to buy/sell stuff all the time. For example the small internet store i order all my watercooling components from just ask that i put some $ on certain account of certain bank (personal account) and that's it. Of course it's about trust, but shop been there for years and many ppl know it...
    If not bank transfer or credit card - all i can remember is using cash for almost everything, including business ..

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    Re: Paypal's started a fire in their own backyard.

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