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    Endless Space

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    Endless Space

    Post by Almael on 7/4/2013, 8:16 am

    It's cheap on steam and since people were praising it I thought I should get it.

    I don't know what those reviewers were thinking but it's a bad game. I don't mean it being crappy. It's visually acceptable and contemporary, that's the only good point.
    It's the most recent space game. That's the only reason it generates interest.

    The game is a very basic typical RTS. The user interface (UI) is a mix of 3D map display and fancy graphical elements. The UI requires a lot of computer/graphic power, although, my old comp has no problem playing up to Crysis the UI alone was slugish. Just using it was a pain especially with those multi level full screen displays (menus).

    The ships don't have turrets nor any other moving parts. No good for modding either.

    Gameplay is typical (not quite). Aside from extreme cheating the game tries everything to put stones in your way. There's nothing special or anything interesting or good instead the game just makes it hard to play. That's why I say it's bad.

    Unlike most games you got to micro manage everything. Normally you set up a farm and it will produce food until it gets destroyed. In this game you gotta invest manually all the time to produce food and other things. And that takes up the only production slot and requires a lot of time each time.

    In the simpliest game, all I do is trying to set things up. I hardly come to the important part of building the military or ships. Around turn 80 when I got enough leeway to build ships the computer already send fleets after fleets, not counting pirates. The pirates also seem to attack the player only and they are as techy as the best player in the field.

    Even though, there's a player control mode, the space battle is still very much based on battle points only. You have only tactical choices based on playing cards=one type of tactical command like attack/defend. It's no different from the automatic resolution mode. You lose ships purely based on overall fleet battle points comparison, ship experience level doesn't matter either. It matters only in counting battle points. You lose ships according to the listing of them i.e first listed is gone first.

    The best strategy is to setup a small but solid number of colonies at jump-chock points. Invest into social & military tech and try to squeeze everything else in between. You have zero chance in winning on colony level or building ships, but there's a marginal chance to outdo in military tech. So I gained 4 turns to last time by replaying 20 turns. But it was only enough to gain control of 60% of the galaxy before pirates and the computer overrun me.
    No matter what it was impossible to catch up in building ships. For each ship I build the computer got like 10 ships build. My tech advantage simply succumed to numbers. In turn 10x I already saw no sense playing a war of attrition.

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