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    Naval War: Arctic Circle

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    Naval War: Arctic Circle

    Post by Almael on 7/4/2013, 8:49 am

    Looking for some fleet battle I though I should try this after my disappointment with Endless Space.

    It's very compareable to Jane's Fleet Command except it's not as good or enjoyable.

    The user interface is simpler but equally sluggish. The menus are good but sometimes not intuitive. And there bit too much micromanagement. The units don't act by themselves but need commands for everything. You can't shoot without a target.
    It's hard to get units to actually shoot more than once especially when at close range defense. And not all weapons do as should or could be

    The game has more recent or future ships compared to Jane's but less overall while Jane's got every ship from the 20th century. The modern 3D graphics are nice but don't matter or are as enjoyable to watch the action.

    The simulation is solid, although, very much layman style and simple. Any real civilian navigation display looks more real and military.

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