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    The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 9/11/2017, 1:45 pm

    Friday episode 9 of Utakata,Keiko gets an e-mail message and decides to invite the rest of the
    girls on a trip. On the train Michiru spots her younger sister Rui and decides to get off and go home.
    The rest continue on their trip; they go to a famous shrine where lovers leave their hopes and dreams
    on slips of papers.
    There's also another place where they leave a lock as a symbol of their loves strength.
    At the shrine they bump into the boy that dumped Satsuki for Keiko,but now as another girlfriend.
    Ichika gets angry and runs away.
    She doesn't want to use the Djinn any more...but too late she transforms and Manatsu with her.
    The lightning djinn causes serious damage,almost killing a man with a pacemaker before it's all
    Afterwards Ichika is shocked that her eyes won't change back; fortunately Sei is there to lend her
    a pair he has.
    Later he wants to explain things to her.

    Saturday episode 18 of xxxHOLIC Yuko has a visitor who gives her a famed ground cherry.
    She in turn gives it Watanuki with instructions. He meets up with Doumeki(even though he wanted
    to share the expierence with Himiwar but she couldn't be around for some reason or other).
    They wait until midnight and witness a parade of monsters. Some of the monsters stop and urge
    them to join the long procession.
    When they reach their goal it's a large glowing tree.
    Yuko warned Watanuki not to loose contact with the ground cherry but at one point he does,
    and the monsters realize they're human and go after them.
    Fortunately the water sprite who loves Watanuki saves them,temporarily as they fall back to
    the ground.
    But then the young fox pup demon from episode 5 arrives and vouches for Watanuki and
    the crowd of monsters relents.
    The tree allows them to gather sap and they find themselves back in the park.
    Later after both Mokona and Watanuki are asleep from the nectar, Doumeki asks Yuko
    why he's never been invited to her shop.
    She replies that it's only those who have a need that may enter and he doesn't have any.

    Comment: if this is so then Himiwari must have some kind of need herself because IIRC,
    hasn't she been shown in Yuko's shop on at least a couple occasions?

    Sunday episode 6 of Wish Upon The Pleiades the situation starts getting worse as the ship
    begins to emerge from hiding. The president says that it would be bad if the rest of his people were
    He also explains that they have the power to travel any where and any time they wish.
    The girls insist it's something like magic but he keeps denying it.
    They get the piece of the engine, but discover the school as been put into the orbit of the ship!
    Later when the school is back to normal and everyone is about to leave Subaru remembers that
    she's left her English homework behind and goes to get it.
    But the 'horn boy' enters and closes the school off with a magic circle that the girls can't
    get through.
    Subaru runs until she finds the school observatory and meets Minato for the last time.
    He directs her to a path and she's able to find a window to open to let the others in.
    'Horn Boy finds himself in the observatory and wants to know what's going on and who
    Minato is, but the screen goes blank as Minato gives the answer.
    When Subaru returns she finds the place all dead and Minato gone.
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 9/13/2017, 12:56 pm

    Monday for my raw night I re-watched episode 20 of Tenchi Universe: "No Need For Swimsuits" 'nuff said! Laughing

    Tuesday watched episode 5 of K-ON! Season 1. The girls discover that they are still not an
    official club because somebody *koff* Ritsu *koff* forgot to hand in the proper paper work,plus
    Nodoka tells them they still need an advisor.
    When they find out that Sawako sensei was in the Light Music Club when she was in school,Ritsu
    basically blackmails her to be their advisor.
    The next thing is getting ready for the school festival,but they need songs and Mio is elected.
    And then Sawako sensei tells them they need a singer and Yui is "volunteered" by the others.
    Sawako sensei takes her under her wings to teach her everything she knows; but the next
    day Yui shows up hoarse and can't sing because of overwork.
    So poor Mio is again "volunteered" to do the job.
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by Almael on 9/13/2017, 10:11 pm

    Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
    To be honest I didn't think much about it reading the description, but still gave it a shot. I got to say it's the most interesting show this season. Even if not the best it certainly deserved second.
    It's about the beginning of highschool, in a national supported school & system. Class D being the lowest of all and its members have to struggle to survive.
    In short, with this school background the show is in fact a combination of a survival game, a mystery game, game of thrones (the term only), and Liar Game put together. I'm gonna watch it to the end.
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 9/15/2017, 1:00 pm

    Wed. episode 8 of Pilot Candidate this was the most sober episode to date as it involves the death of Ars' older brother in combat. Pretty bittersweet,especially as it happens just as Zero and
    Ars have started to become friends.
    Ars is then selected to replace his brother as the next Ingrid pilot.
    I think this is the first time we see the entire academy represented,as all the cadets are
    formed present for Ars departure with his brother's casket.

    Th. episode 9 of Celestial Method Noel decides to go to the school festival with the others because everyone thinks that Shione will show up. But she has decided to move back home.
    The reason being she has figured out Noel's true nature and what will happen once the wish is
    granted. She has a hard time trying to tell the truth about Noel to Nonoka,which is why she
    tells her she hates her and doesn't want to see her again.
    After telling her this (which is a lie as Shione is crying when she is saying it) Shione walks away.
    Noel appears,but suddenly collapses in the park frightening Nonoka.

    I think Shione is too sensitive to reveal what she knows about Noel to the others,at least not yet.
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 9/18/2017, 1:50 pm

    Friday episode 10 of Utakata Sei gets punished by Saya turning him into a statue before he can
    break the rules further and tell Ichika the truth.
    Ichika decides to throw away the amulet, but finds even if she does it only flies back to her.
    Then she almost falls to her death but Manatsu is in time to save her.After she tells her she isn't
    really human.
    The next day Ichika,Manatsu and Ichika's parents go to the shrine where Ichika's grandma is buried.
    She overhears her parents tell the priest about a dream and realizes that everything that has happened to her has been preordained before she was born.
    Manatsu follows her as she runs to the graveyard and activates the next Djinn: the Guardian of the Underworld.
    The spirits of the dead come forth,freaking out Manatsu.
    Ichika's grandma and dead dog Shiro are among them. But Ichika manages to control herself this time.They vanish and Manatsu remarks on how Ichika has managed to grow.

    Saturday episode 19 of xxxHOLIC Watanuki finds an old box and Yuko says he can open it under certain conditions,it ends up being a snow ball fight! Laughing
    The winner gets to open the box and make a wish.
    Besides Yuko,Mokona,Watanuki,Himawari and Doumeki both Ame-warashi and Zareshi-warashi
    also show up.
    The first thing is everyone has to make a snow sculpture.
    Watanuki's is the simplest (a plain rabbit)while Ame-warashi makes the most complex.
    Mokona makes a Mokona.
    Then the fight begins with the snow sculptures attacking each other and everyone.
    Yuko (of course)cheats.
    But at the end Watanuki "wins" only to find the "prize" is food he has to prepare!...
    btw: according to the Wiki Watanuki is actually the clone or alternate version of Sakura and
    Syaoran Li's son. To put it bluntly Watanuki isn't supposed to exist, which is why he has the ability to see spirits.

    Sunday episode 7 of Wish Upon the Pleiades it looks like Subaru has joined the gardening club as the others see her weeding the garden.
    A boy that looks like Minato later talks to her about the proper way of taking care of the flowers
    she was planting.
    Aoi and Subaru talk and are called into the club house. They find themselves near the sun.
    The president explains that since they have more of the engine now it's easier to transport them to where the next piece is.
    They see a comet and it's explained to them that it is the next piece.
    Unfortunately it also brings them closer to the sun.
    Aoi and Subaru are separated from the others and accuse each other of leaving the other behind.
    Then they realize that that isn't true and they'll always be friends.
    Once again as they're about to bring the piece in the horned boy tries to interrupt,but fails.
    Aoi and Subaru are happy realizing that they're friendship will last.
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 9/20/2017, 1:15 pm

    Monday I previewed School Live with episode 6. This was how Miki became part of the
    School Living Club, It was interesting to see how the episode first shows everything through the eyes of Yuki...everything is normal and Megumi-sensei is alive,but then switches to reality,with Megumi-sensei dead and the school all dilapidated looking.
    The school sports festival that Yuki comes up with was a fun thing for the girls to do and gave them
    some normality.
    I think then that the club is meant not only to help Yuki but also the rest of the girls so that they
    don't go insane like she did after seeing Megumi-sensei sacrifice herself to save them. the end I cheated and looked up the final episode on the Wiki to see how it all ends, only the
    puppy dies.. Crying or Very sad

    Tuesday episode 6 of Season 1 of K-on! the school festival has finally arrived and Mio looks for the other girls so that they can practice before the big debut. Unfortunately Yui is helping out with her class Yakisoba shop and both Mugi and Ritsu are helping at their class haunted house.
    (Mio is spooked by Mugi in her custome).
    Mio goes to the club room alone and starts practicing.
    The other girls get off and watch her from outside as she practices the song.
    Then they practice together.
    Finally it's their turn and Mio gets stage fright but Ritsu reassures her and they end up getting
    wild applause from the audience.
    Then Mio trips over an amp cord and falls revealing her blue and white stripped panties.
    It has two effects:
    1.Mio gets her own fan club
    2.The poor girl is seen cowering in a corner muttering: "Panties,panties,panties,panties,panties..
    Now no-one will ever want to marry me!"
    Ah....I bet there are plenty of guys who would love to marry poor Mio despite her klutziness.
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 9/22/2017, 12:56 pm

    Wed. episode 9 of Pilot Candidate for some reason Zero's EX starts to go crazy and he begins
    having dreams that appear to him to be real; unfortunately for him his power starts to threaten

    Th. episode 10 of Celestial Method Nonoka has a talk with Shione before she moves and the
    latter tells her the truth about Noel disappearing once the wish is granted.
    Later Shione tells the others and they wind up arguing and breaking up since none of them want
    to see Noel disappear either.

    I decided to start Himouto! Umaru-chan after I am done with Celestial Method
    so I switched the last Monday of October to Sakura Wars.

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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

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