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    The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by Almael on 12/6/2017, 8:19 am

    I think the manga for Monster Girl might be better. * shrugs*

    Apropos, there are two shows this season I forgot to mention in which I do have semi interest. They are based on novels and manga of the same name and kind of got popular. Both are travelers genre. I haven't watched much yet.

    Kino no Tabi
    A boy who travels the world with his bike. He visits places with their special culture and or other specifics. It ranges from interesting to weird. It explores possibilities of human society and culture. The more interesting of the both like
    a nation that allows killing or a nation where people's deed earns points (positive and negative).

    Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
    Two girls travel the apocalyptic world in a WWII nazi-german hybrid caterpillar threaded bike. It explores the limits of humanity vs. survival, and adds other aspects into the mix to liven it up. The style is simple.
    The creator probably has a motorbike fetish, for a few seconds I saw something like an old Honda C50 or italian Garelli? scooter-hybrid or moped (as know in most part of the world).

    Apropos bikes, there's "Two Car", a motorcycle sidecar racing show.

    Shoukoku no Altair ep.21
    Looks like the Battle of Houston was used for this one as far as battleground and strategy are concerned.
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 12/6/2017, 2:39 pm

    Well they do seem to be concentrating more on the ecchi side of things in the anime so far.But still
    enjoyable as long as you don't mind too much the occasional boob joke.

    Monday re-watched Buso Renkin, which was why I made the comments I did elsewhere.
    Tokiko is still unable to summon Valkyrie Skirt and Kazuki is nowhere nearby so it's up to Gota to
    protect his beloved senpai.
    Unfortunately he is up against Shinobu a Alchemist Warrior whose Buso Renkin allows him to drift in and out of shadows like a ninja.
    Then Gota comes up with a daring tactic that allows him to defeat Shinobu.
    Elsewhere Chitose is leading her team against Victor.At fist it looks like they will be successful but
    he turns out to be too strong and she uses Hermes to transport the team back to the safety of the plane.Finally Kazuki arrives where he will face his next opponent:Captain Bravo!..

    Tuesday episode 3 of Flying Witch. Makoto asks her 'uncle' for a plot to plant some vegetables as it is part of a witch's training.Kei and Chisanu help.Then Makoto gets distracted by a pheasant and tires to catch it.
    Later a mysterious witch and her cat arrive.
    It turns out to be Makoto's older sister.She wants to see how her little sister is doing and is disappointed that she hasn't been practicing any magic lately(Chito snitched on her! Laughing )
    with Chisanu watching her sister teaches Makoto a simple spell to summon crows.
    Unfortunately because Makoto uses her own hair in the spell instead of one she gets an entire
    murder of crows!...
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 12/8/2017, 3:21 pm

    Wednesday episode 8 of School Live,the girls discuss what they want to do after 'graduation'.
    Yuki says she might simply work because then she won't have to worry about tests any more but
    Yuri reminds her that even at work they have to take tests for advancement.
    Kurumi says she'll either work or get married and Yuki can't have but tease her about "Mr.Shovel"!
    (Who knew Yuki could be so cruel? Laughing )
    Later Miki finds Yuri still awake unable to go to sleep because she's trying to find the secret of the key they found.
    Miki can't sleep either and they talk about the odd fact that the school has everything that anyone needs to survive a catastrophe.
    They then go and search around for what ever the key opens ending up in the staff room.
    They're about to give up when Yuki comes in and they tell her they're on a scavanger hunt.
    She gets excited and finds a stuff toy animal and a sleeping bag before uncovering a hidden
    They find a briefcase in the drawer and Yuki goes out.
    Yuri asks Miki to wake Kurumi up and the three of them go through the contents.
    They discover to their horror that their city may in fact be the testing ground for some sort of
    biological weapon.
    The last scene shows Yuki in front of a door talking to Megumi!

    Th,episode 8 of Himouto!Umaru-chan, it's the week of Christmas and Taihei gets the kotatsu
    out.Umaru helps by getting all her junk moved and then piles stuff on top of the kotatsu.
    Later Umaru feels blue because Kirie hasn't posted anything on her blog and Ebina's gone home.
    She's surprised when Taihei comes home early dressed as Santa with Kirie tagging behind.
    On New Year's Bomba comes home with Taihei and they all watch the New Year'sBell Ringing.
    Tachibana is shown in line on tv to ring the bell and can't wait for the proper time but runs up and
    then declares on the news that she was the first to ring the bell.
    New Year's Day Uramu thinks Taihei is pissed because she promised to be more serious "Next Year".
    But really all he wanted was to take her to the shrine for their yearly visit.
    They get their fortunes and Uramu asks her brother which is worse: no luck or limited luck?
    After the ED there is an epilog that features Bomba and Taihei's boss Kauna.She let them go
    early because she was feeling lonely herself.
    It also shows that she is crushing on Taiehi and has been since they were all in Junior High.
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 12/11/2017, 5:46 pm

    Friday episode 9 of Bubblegum Crisis,Tokyo 2040Nene teases Leon about his trying to become
    Priss' boyfriend.Linna wants to know why Priss hates Boomers so much.Mackie and Slyia make up and
    she promises to protect him.
    Later Slyia is pissed with Nene for teaching Mackie how to hack instead of training;then Nene reveals what she knows about Priss and Leon which makes Slyia really pissed off!
    The next Boomer attack and Priss and Linna are wondering why Nene is in a snit.
    And this whole episode starts off with Genom,the AD Police and Knight Sabers all wondering about the disappearance of Boomers working the underground.

    Saturday Introductions I and episode 7 of Girls Und Panzer. I mention the introductions
    because it's as long as a normal episode.Basically a recap episode with the main characters being
    introduced.This is also sub only unlike the rest of the series.
    Episode 7 deals with the girls of Oorai getting ready for their match against Anzio( you really need
    to get the OVA,This Is The Real Anzio Battle to see the actual match though because the tv episode only shows the finale of the match).
    A lot of it has to do with a search for substitute tanks since at least one of the ones they've used
    is out of commission.
    In the process Saori and the Frosh girls get lost in the belly of the ship.

    Sunday episode 7 of Monster Musume this was interesting as the ED and OP are reversed.
    The reason being that it starts off with the Monster Girl Squad going up against some outlaw
    Orcs who have taken over a comic book shop.They're demands were somewhat absurd:
    basically Orc X Human Female Henati manga! Rolling Eyes
    After the squad takes down the orcs Agent Smith invites them over with Kurusu and the girls.
    In the second part Kurusu gets kidnapped by Archanea.
    The others don't notice anything is wrong until Papi and Suu start bringing in the groceries and
    Papi says they found them outside.
    Eventually Smith allows Archanea to stay with Kurusu since his house is the only one large
    enough,and as Archanea herself mentions there are already plenty of other monster girls living
    mitsuki lover
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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

    Post by mitsuki lover on 12/13/2017, 2:06 pm

    Monday Spice And Wolf episode Wolf And Some Youngsters.
    Holo and Lawrence help their new found sheperdress friend to take her flock to market.
    On the way they encounter a pack of wolves.
    Later on the return trip the wolves continue to track them.
    The party separates and Lawrence gets waylaid by bandits.
    Holo confronts the wolves and an elder wolf.They surround her...

    Tuesday Flying Witch episode 4, while at a cherry blossom festival Makoto,Kei and
    Chisanu meet a mysterious fortune teller.It turns out to be another witch who is also a
    friend of Akane's,Makoto's big sister.
    When she lets down her hood they see she has been transformed into a half-dog.
    She blames Akane for it and tells them the story of how it is that now she can only be
    human when the night comes.
    Later Akane arrives (after Makoto's attempts to cure Inuikai fail),she tells everyone what
    really happened and Inuikai is embarrassed and apologies for blaming Akane.
    After the sun goes down they finally get to see what she actually looks like and Kei states
    that it's too bad because she just happens to be his type of girl!
    Inuikai flies off with her hamster having a more positive and optimistic attitude now knowing she
    won't be cursed forever.

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    Re: The Ubiquitous What Are You Watching Thread?

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